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Some Scenics to Enjoy
Folks Visiting and Working
Beautiful Birds AND Animals
Some Plants
    Rainbow over Rock                           View from Rock                         Triangle Lake East Shore View             Colvin Lake Panorama
       Triangle Lake                                  Triangle Lake -  2005                    Winter at Triangle Lake 2003      Triangle Lake North Shore in fall
      from the air               

Colvin Lake behind Island                         Colvin Lake  2003
Marine  Life
 with Joop Burgerjon   

  Plant Walk on Rock
with Kye Goodwin

 Nature Awareness
with Annette Clarke

    Blackberry Crew 2000                         Tree-planting Crew 2003
Forest Hike
with Brian Smart

       Beach Cleanup 2003                         Beach Cleanup 2007
Watershed Boundary
Search - 2002

    Monkey Flower                                  Chocolate Lily
Death Camas
Polyporus versicolor
Bird Walk
with Tony Greenfield    

Flowers on Rock
                  Wood Duck                         Red-breasted Sapsucker                          Great Blue Heron                         American Beaver
           Western Grebe                              Great Blue Heron                           Great Blue Heron Nest                          Barred Owl
Turkey Vultures