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Back in 1982
October 13, 2013
We are experiencing record numbers of salmon jumping in Sargeant Bay.
Most of them are not destined for the fish ladder.
Coho and Chum normally enter the fish ladder between November 15 and December 15.
For a one-minute video clip click this link:
November 5, 2013
 100 Chum arrived to spawn in Colvin Creek.
This is a totally unexpected event.
Chum have not been seen in the creek since 1994.
Before that there were never more than 15.
The event is documented from bay to creek
in the following 5-minute video:
ChumSpawn - Dropbox

December 2, 2013
After chum invaded Colvin Creek totally unexpectedly in November,
coho also followed in unusually large numbers,
as recorded in this 5-minute video:
June 9, 2013
Marine life
with Lee-Ann Ennis
Join Naturalists from the Sargeant Bay Society and Ruby Lake Lagoon Society for a beach seine at a very low tide.
1:00 pm at the beach
Leave your car at the upper parking area.

May 29, 2013                                                       May 20, 2013
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                       Birding in Sargeant Bay Park
7:00 pm at Cooper's Green Hall                          with Tony Greenfield
                                                                                9:00 am at the upper parking area
January, 2013
We are starting the new year with an opportunity to donate in a way that is light on your pocket book. It is offered by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union and called "ChangeIt". Those who have account there, can choose to donate the cents part of their debit card and soon also their credit card transactions to go to up to three charities of their choice, which we hope may include the Sargeant Bay Society. At the end of the year they will receive a tax-creditable receipt. For more information about ChangeIt CLICK HERE 
December 6, 2012
After many years, salmon were again actively spawning in Colvin Creek. A few days earlier Vaughan Morton  took our request for help clearing the beaver dam at the fish ladder a step further and dug a deep hole in the main  beaver dam within view from the berm.  His motivation was to catch some of the salmon that could be seen swimming in the pond, but all he caught was a few healthy Cutthroat Trout.  We counted at least 12 Coho spawning in the gravel beds upstream from Redrooffs Road. For many years we did not see any. Yet there were always Coho fry in the creek in the spring, so there must have always been one pair that made it.
July 17, 2011
A delegation from the Sechelt Indian Band visited Sargeant Bay beach by canoe.
For a short video clip click:       SIBCANOES FIX - YouTube
December 14, 2014
Volunteers spontaneously cut up the logs and collected the garbage:
(Click pictures to see larger)
December 10, 2014
A strong wind coincided with a high tide. An aluminum boat wreck landed on the logs. A fiberglass boat, moored on a log, was crushed by the logs. Lots of flotsam, tire buoys, etc. came to rest on the logs.                                                 (Click pictures to see larger)
A log tried to enter the fish ladder:
A log floated across the berm:
Logs floated on to the parking area:
Summer Program 2015

July 4, Marine Life at Sargeant Bay
Lee-Ann Ennis and naturalists from the Sargeant Bay Society and the Iris Griffith Centre will observe and document  marine life in the intertidal zone of Sargeant Bay. Saltwater aquaria will be set up to display specimens.

July 4, - 25th Anniversary of Sargeant Bay Prov. Park
Concurrent with the intertidal activities we invite you to join us in celebrating the history of our Society and the official opening of Sargeant Bay Provincial Park.

June 28, Botany Hike
Local botany expert Kye Goodwin will explore the unique plant life around Triangle Lake. Meet at the Trout Lake parking lot at 10 AM for this annual 2-hour walk.

May 18, Birding on the Berm
Tony Greenfield led this annual welcome-to-spring event. 19 people attended
44 species were observed.
Click map to see larger
Click picture above to see larger
Documents courtesy of Gary Little